New paint scheme

So with the fail that was the previous colour scheme, I wanted to try something else. I talked to my wife, who by the way is awesome when it comes to the folklore type stuff, I decided that I would use the colours of the actual Hawthorne plant. The armour turned out to be black with blue highlights (enchanted blue) with the gloves and boots on the corsairs being red. The metal was washed with asuraman blue to give it a icy feel. All models were given the same wash for the same reason. Cold ones were done by base coating them in enchanted blue and then giving them a wash of asuraman blue. The bones, claws and teeth were based in calthan brown and layered with bleached bone. Leather was just calthan brown with the asuraman blue. Though I am thinking that I may change the leather scheme a bit.

Painting scheme

So when I originally started painting The Band of the Black Hawthorne, I thought that a very wintery ice type theme would be cool. As you can see it didn’t turn out quite as well as originally planed. Too blue and ugly.


First post

Well hello everyone! Like I say in the description this blog is going to be about my modeling, painting, and converting of miniatures. I thought that I would start with a little and story of a new project. I call them the Band of the Black Hawthorn. It is the Warhost of Naggaroth, with and additional squad of Dark Elf soldiers with crossbows.

I am thinking that these guys are actually rebel Dark Elves. They are decedents of the city of male magic users, that Malekieth banished. I will also be borrowing heavily from the Harry Dresden universe for some of the ideas I have. Particularly the members of the winter court plus some of the reasons as to why the Band is fighting. Chaos is pretty close to what Outsiders are, and at present that is what the Winter court is fighting at the Gates of the Outer Reaches.

I also may just use the background of the winter court and say they have nothing to do with the warhammer world’s elves.

To be decided


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